Aerial Video


DeVore Aviation Mini Plasi Product Demonstration - Aerial Footage and Video Production by High Flight Media

Brad Francis Dodge, Los Lunas NM - aerial video shoot
Raw footage shot High Flight Media. Final editing and production done by

Aerial Photography lecture and demostration at DeVore Aviation.

This is a sample video on a dynamically moving target, which is the most difficult type of aerial footage to capture. This was actually just a test video with the brand new gimbal (stabilizer) installed and will soon be replaced with a full demo video. Worth noting is that the camera position has moved forward on the vehicle so artifacts like propellers and landing gear won't be visible in subsequent videos. This video was shot at 1080p high definition.

BeeHive Homes, Edgewood New Mexico - aerial photo shoot

Girls Soccer Game Event, Montgomery Park, Albuquerque, N.M.

High Flight Media is wildlife friendly

Elevated Utility Inspection, Albuquerque, N.M. - High Flight Media can reach any utility at any height. Limited only by weather conditions, I can take close-up video and high-resolution photos of your utilities, thereby negating the need for personnel to physically climb a given pole to inspect said utility. Not only is this inherently more cost-effective, but it is quicker and safer, too. A peripheral benefit would be the ability to negate crossing private property and/or dealing with pets that may stand between the inspector and the utility. All media is digital, so it can be emailed, viewed, stored and manipulated in almost any way imaginable.

Mormon Temple, Albuquerque, N.M.

Route 66 Casino Night Flight.

Don Chalmers Ford Commercial

Don Chalmers Ford - Midnight Madness Commercial

UAV / Drone Safety Videos

DJI Phantom drone crashes into unreal bikini girl & undoes her top!